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ERP P2000, Estimation Barcode production planning enterprise resource

The ERP p2000 Estimation Barcode is a valuable support to a good corporate organization. It was demanded by the high competitive italian precast market, to have the full control of costing and timing of the jobs. It is indispensable for Estimation, Operations Planning, Production Management, Inventory control and warehousing of raw materials, monitoring and updating of comparative costs between what was budgeted, designed, produced and what was sold.

P2000 is based on a “Variable Cost Rule Method” that gives optimal pricing results (material and labor) with a minimal data entry. It can be integrated with any ERPs.

It can be implemented independently from the BIM LegoPrecast too.

P2000 – 3 Integrated Modules

The ERP p2000 Estimation Barcode production planning, contains three integrated modules

P2000 can improve speed and precision of Estimates (material & manpower), Transport, Installation Costs. Proposals are created automatically, with price list based on reliable cost analysis. This, through cost rules calibrated on the company’s specific products and work cycles, P2000 can correctly assess production (material and labor), transport and installation cost automatically.

P2000 can manage all the processes related to the jobs: design data are reprocessed to track production (barcoding), storage, transport, installation and any other complementary work. About COST CONTROL, P2000 can have an online comparison between Estimated, Design, Production and Balance Costs, by piece, by job and by product line.

P2000 can control all the Business operations by defining the Plant Capacity, and the Production Priorities at Job/Piece level. Tasks and Priorities for Design Dept., Production, Transport and Installation, are monitored.

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ERP P200 Estimation Barcode production planning
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