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The Precast concrete technology construction is the process that breaks down the elements of a building construction, realizes them with an industrial perspective, on site or in the factory, and then they are transported and assembled with codified procedures in the final location.

The advantages of this technology can be summarized as:

  • better quality of the building
  • faster execution time
  • reduction in the use of labor
  • respect for the environment and reduction of waste on construction sites
  • better comfort for the end user and construction personnel
  • reduction of construction costs

More advantages of the Precast technology:

  • Moving partial assemblies from a factory often costs less than moving pre-production resources to each site
  • Deploying resources on-site can add costs; prefabricating assemblies can save costs by reducing on-site work
  • Factory tools – jigs, cranes, conveyors, etc. – can make production faster and more precise
  • Factory tools – shake tables, hydraulic testers, etc. – can offer added quality assuranc
  • Consistent indoor environments of factories eliminate most impacts of weather on production
  • Cranes and reusable factory supports can allow shapes and sequences without expensive on-site falsework
  • Higher-precision factory tools can aid more controlled movement of building heat and air, for lower energy consumption and healthier buildings
  • Factory production can facilitate more optimal materials usage, recycling, noise capture, dust capture, etc.
  • Machine-mediated parts movement, and freedom from wind and rain can improve construction safety

Fundamental for the development of prefabricated buildings is a large-scale intervention program to ensure continuity of production.

precast concrete technology construction
precast concrete technology construction
precast concrete technology construction