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State of the Art

Italian precast concrete technology

The italian precast concrete technology has played a key role in the development, growth and dissemination of this innovative technology. The first concrete structure was built in the Ancient Rome: the Pantheon, one of the most significant monuments that, after thousands of years, still bears witness to the engineering and construction skills of the ancient Romans and of which modern Italian technology is a worthy and important heir.

Precast is the construction process in which the building components are done in reinforced concrete, and are designed and manufactured with industrial methods.
With the industrial revolution, even the building construction began to improve production processes, by using new materials and construction procedures.

The Architect and Engineer Pier Luigi Nervi has excellent skills in the field of statics, he experimented with new precast concrete techniques, which he called ‘the most beautiful material that humanity has ever invented’: the substance becomes shape and translates in cosmic works that seem fruit of aesthetic sensibility only to those who do not understand that the perfect form is logical consequence of the application of the laws of physics and statics.

For over a century from the first applications, the continuous technological improvement has brought to:
– Wide availability of basic components
– Specialization on the production of integrated structural systems
– Possibility and flexibility in customization
– Ability to respond quickly and concretely to specific project needs

Choosing precast, as executive technology of any starting design idea, is today an entirely conscious act whose ultimate goal, for clients and designers, is the perfect coincidence of the result with the expected performances (from “Precast Concrete, Design user guide” from the Arch. Enrico Dassori, in cooperation with ASSOBETON).

‘reinforced concrete? the most beautiful material that humanity has ever invented’
Pier Luigi Nervi