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System Double tees and hollowcore floors 

It is a system consisting of double tees panels, and floor elements such as hollowcore slabs, to be completed on site with castings in place. This system allows for lighter elements (lower incidence of transport and assembly even with the classic construction site cranes), but involves longer times and greater use of labor on site, (e.g. casting and curing of double slabs and predalles floors ).

All the finishes are made on site, but they are in any case faster than those of the constructions in place: if desired, the external doors and windows can already be assembled in the factory, as well as the external finish of the infill panels, the internal sides of the panels are smooth at the bottom of the formwork and need a simple plaster shave. The perimeter infill is made with the integration of insulating panels, creating a thermal break infill.

Some systems can already be inserted in the prefabricated components, and upon completion it is also possible to use pre-finished bathroom cells and walls equipped for the kitchen, further reducing the work and construction times.

The investment for the production site and equipment is significantly lower than the previous one and so are the dimensions of the prefabricated elements (max weight to be lifted 4-5 tons).

It is a fairly flexible system that adapts to any project and offers the customer the opportunity to make some changes even on standard projects.

It is possible to build the production site even at a distance from the construction site (70-100 km); if you want to use local prefabricators, there are no problems because they are commonly used elements.