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CSG Precast Concrete Technology

What is PCT?

It is an acronym (Precast Concrete Technology) identifying technical-academic seminars organized by professionals and engineers in the industrialized construction chain. This year CSG Precast Concrete Technology BRASIL arranges 2 Seminars: nos dias June 04-05, 2018 Rio do Sul (Santa Catarina) and June 7-8, 2018 São Paulo.

PCT BRASIL Seminar goals

To show the state of the art of the precast technology, aiming to demonstrate the advances and innovations achieved. The event is open to all professionals, researchers and academics who want to innovate, share experiences, discuss and update knowledge in the area of precast.

Target Audience

Associations: precasters, construction, engineers, industrial and housing construction professionals, architects, managers.
Academic environment: universities, teachers, engineering and architecture students, schools, researchers.
Machinery providers: molds, accessories and additives, project services, engineering and consulting.

CSG Precast Concrete Technology Topics:

– Research on connections for precast;
– Project challanges and success case;
– Prestressed Technology in industrialized construction;
– New building systems in Europe;
– Eng. Architect Pier Luigi Nervi precursor of the precast;
– New border BIM in the design of precast;
– Precast connections in tall buildings;
– Production cycles of precast products, and curing of concrete;
– Technical visits to precast plants;

How can I attend ?

Go to the registration form on the links here: fill in the online form and proceed with the payment procedures.